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Performance Art: Theater & Music

Atlas över Fläsklösen / Atlas of Fläsklösen

Skärmavbild 2021-01-26 kl. 17.17.12.png

Children's play for ung/scen öst, Östgöta Theater. On the tiny island Fläsklösen lives Kalle-Stina - an old lonely soul in an old lonely body - surrounded by imaginative radios, dusty books and aged maps. One day Kalle-Stina is evicted from the island and forced to move in to an elderly home. When Kalle-Stina is about to give up, the lost adventurer Kai Solus shows up and takes Kalle-Stina on a dangerous journey, searching for the remote island of Thule where they speak the ocean-like language Kalle-Stina learned as a child in her/his sleep. Premiering in the spring of 2021.

Idea/Concept: Olof Runsten, My Roman Fagerlind

Text: My Roman Fagerlind

Director: Olof Runsten

Dramaturgy: Moa Backman, Manda Stenström

Sound: Patsy Lassbo

Scenography/Costume: Agnes Östergren

Actors: Mathilda Becker, Viktor Björkberg och Lotta Östlin Stenshäll

No Drama: Synchronous Acts of Silencing

A music performance piece exploring silence through poetry and sound. Commissioned and made possible by The Swedish Arts Committee (Konstnärsnämnden), premiered at The Sound of Stockholm Music Festival in 2019.

Composer: Alfred Jimenez

Text: My Roman Fagerlind

Conductor: Jaime Volfson
Bass Flute/Piccolo - Elena Gabbrielli
Bass Clarinet - Szilárd Benes
Singers: Elisabeth Ekberg, Mari Galambos Grue
Violoncello: Anna Maria Niemiec

Hamletmaskinen / The Hamlet Machine

An interpretation of Heiner Müllers play, with support from The Swedish Arts Committee (Konstnärsnämnden). Performed at Theater Replica, Turteatern Theater and Storsjöyran Culture Festival, 2011.

Director: Olof Runsten

Producer: My Roman Fagerlind

Scenography/Costume: Märit Runsten

Actors: Svante Back, Alexandra Dannberg, Disa Östrand

Director's Assistant: Ebba Bandh

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