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Komorebi Teaser Video

Brand teaser for Komorebi by Majestic Casual, 2020.

Concept: My Roman Fagerlind, Andreas Lamoth

Editor: Andreas Lamoth

Script/Poem: My Roman Fagerlind
Project Manager: Lucy Cook, Paul Technau
Graphic Profile: Solenn Robic, Husi Rass
Footage: Filmsupply

Visual poem for Bon Magazine

Poem exploring female self-pleasure for a fashion story in Bon Magazine, 2017.

Photographer: Angelina Bergenwall
Art Director/Editor: Johanna Nyberg
Models: Sarah Verdier, Maja A I OH My Management
Photographer's Assistant: Lindita Neziri, Rasmus Ståhl

Script/Poem: My Roman Fagerlind

Hair/Make-Up: Elin Laine

Styling: Julia Häggblom

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